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Richmond Bail Bonds Network is a bail bonds referral service with many years experience in finding the proper bail bonds agency for our clients.  We get that mistakes and misunderstandings happen; don’t let who you choose as a bail bondsman be another one you make.  Call us at Richmond Bail Bonds Network and we will help you answer all the questions you might have during this stressful time. If this is your first arrest or you are unfamiliar with the bail bonds process, we can help you find the right agency to handle your needs.

In most cases after an arrest, the accused will not go to jail directly.  There is a critical time frame in which custody could be avoided.  A bail bondsman is there to help such custody be avoided.  It is the bail bondsman’s job to make sure you don’t spend your time in jail. It is also our goal to make sure you are out of custody and home with your loved ones again as soon as possible.  This might be limited by the Courts, but we will do our best to comply with the Courts requirements and to get you home quickly.  Call us at Richmond Bail Bonds Network for a bail bond referral and hopefully the agency can secure your release in a matter of hours.

Richmond Bail Bonds Network only refers our clients to the best agencies, the ones that have shown they will go above and beyond their duties.  All of our Richmond bail bondsmen play an important role in securing the legal rights afforded to you by the Constitution. Many of our agencies have worked for over ten years alongside judges, magistrates, and lawyers.  The experience they have built over the years has proven to be an invaluable asset.  The Richmond Bail Bonds Network seeks out the most experienced bail bondsman to use.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get a better sense of how the bail bonds process works. Our Services page will tell you what we do.

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The services provided by Richmond Bail Bonds Network enables our clients to get in touch with the proper bail bonds agency. The bail bonds agency employs bail bondsmen. The bail bond agencies role is simple: you pay the premium of the bail, which is a fraction of the bail.